Working Together

Working toward common goals can generate outcomes of real value.  That’s how I’ve built my career.  Here are some of the ways you and I might work effectively together:


Have a technology or business idea you want to build a company around?  I can help your business get established.  I am able to build great teams, find product-market fit, and develop cash flow from customers, partners and investors.

Startup Leader

Looking to build a strong management team for a great company?  Let’s talk.  I’ve worn multiple hats for different startup companies including product management, customer success, marketing, services, product development, and operations.  Count on me to execute your growth strategy and deliver on commitments.

Product Leader

Need product leadership?  I’ve done that.  I have helped to establish product management functions for many companies and led the development of their new product lines.  I can establish or re-establish that function for your company as well.


I’ve taught product roadmapping, product management and strategic marketing in a variety of forums.  They include online and in-person training seminars, custom workshops, and university-level course instruction, including Carnegie Mellon University.


I’m not a licensed headhunter, but I know how to identify the right talent – particularly for product leadership and management positions.  My business, teaching, and consulting experience has given me extensive connection to top people who can fit your specialized needs.


I am often asked to talk about different aspects of my work, especially concerning product management. I have been a frequent speaker and panelist at universities, professional associations and companies.  I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned.


Does your business need an experienced adviser?  Or maybe even personal guidance regarding your own business career?  Let me know.  I would be happy to help.


Would you like to meet your peers and counterparts?  Perhaps I can help.  I had to learn how to develop my own professional network.  Now, I would be pleased to help you develop your own as well.


Need a fresh perspective on a difficult issue – particularly one involving product management?  I’ve done that for a number of organizations on both short- and long-term bases.