• Product Teams: Whose Job is it to Decide? Whose Job is it to Deliver?

    9 February 2011
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    Great product strategies and innovative product ideas can be powerful drivers of company growth, but only if their execution is solid. I’ve been hearing recently from product managers about their difficulties with execution.  Those difficulties have been aggravated by tight resources and soft marketplace demand.  But there is a low-cost approach to improving your results with your product teams.

    Some of the telltale signs of execution problems take the form of poor information flow and of people not being sure what they need to do.  For example, team leaders become indecisive; decisions take too long; when they’re made, they aren’t quickly translated into action; they’re second-guessed; executives are called in to resolve disputes; no one is sure who’s accountable for what; nobody knows who should be involved in making a decision; too many people are involved; information doesn’t get to the people who need it.  Or sometimes it’s the opposite – too many people are sent too much information; people go off-track with their efforts; conflicting messages get sent internally and externally, etc.


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