I have spent my entire career building value at the intersection of business, technology and markets. Here’s a snapshot:


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

I love the challenge of working on new things with limited resources.  I find excitement in uncertainty and instability, and I wear multiple hats in the process of developing the right formula for creating value.

  • Startup businesses and innovation business units
  • SaaS and on-premise software models
  • Subscription and membership models
  • Advertising models
  • Consulting and professional services models
  • Professional education models
  • Product platforms and multi-sided markets
  • Product roadmapping and strategy
  • Product management, design and development
  • Customer discovery and development
  • Marketing and market development
  • Customer success  and client services
  • Talent recruiting and development


Software and Artificial Intelligence

New technologies present new opportunities.  Together with great engineers and designers, I’ve been able to apply the following technologies, which were new at the time, to realizing breakthrough business possibilities.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Machine perception
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Semi-structured data processing
  • Data integration and ETL
  • Search engines
  • Directed graphs
  • E-commerce
  • Document markup language
  • Content management
  • Business intelligence


Business to Business Markets

I know B2B markets. That’s all I’ve done. They run from simple standard products with fast, volume-oriented customer acquisition systems to complex, engineered-to-order solutions, marked by long enterprise selling processes.

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centers
  • Engineering
  • Publishing
  • Product managers
  • Customer success managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Operations managers
  • Warehouse managers
  • Information specialists
  • Pricing managers