I build stuff. I’ve built businesses, product lines, markets, customers and competencies. Mostly, I’ve built stuff from scratch into something of value. I’ve had this passion for as long as I can remember. Even before I entered the business world, I was building stuff including a video game for an Atari computer and a sports-themed board game. In college, I first studied civil engineering to learn how buildings are built, then I completed an MBA to learn how businesses and markets are built.

As a business builder, I co-founded a professional education business and worked for four other founders to get their technology startups off the ground. As a product innovator, I guided 17 new technology product lines to market. As a customer creator, I directly marketed, sold and serviced solutions to develop new customer bases. As a talent developer, I’ve helped to build product management skills for over 1,000 working professionals as well as master degree students at Carnegie Mellon University.